Intergalactic Dreaming began as an experiment, seeking to tell stories of an imagined narrative, a dream-like environment where extraterrestrial travelers follow me through the landscape of my every day life.  The visitors make their presence known through hovering lights, rays of multicolor language, a semiotic proposal of communication from the other side.  Intergalactic Dreaming is a photographic project based within the false documentary genre. The premise continues, through social media, to document extraterrestrial visitations exclusively created for the Instagram platform and shot with an iPhone 6.  The scripted story of this false documentary, oddly enough, is believed to be true.  It is inherently the nature of the online platform and the photographic process, which leaves the viewer ultimately to question what is real and what is imagined.

This project will be installed for one year 2016-2017 at the San Diego International Airport.  The project continues on social media. To date there are over 200 images.

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San Diego International Airport
‘Intergalactic Dreaming’ Exhibition Opens at San Diego International Airport

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Installation View / Terminal 2 / San Diego International Airport

Installation View / Terminal 2 / San Diego International Airport