In 2015 I participated in an expedition to Greenland visiting one of the longest fjord systems in the world, hiking terrains rarely traversed by humans, and spending hours in a small zodiac photographing icebergs in inclement weather.

In this series of experimental landscape images, I consciously experimented with graphical overlays to speak a language about the push and pull, phrasing and textures, song and choreography to glaciers which have calved. I felt compelled to manipulate the photographic positive, to deepen the experience of radioactive digression, the experience of a large scale icebergs moving slowly in the water, the beauty of its melting and tragedy of our global crisis. 

I am also greatly influenced by John Luther Adams’ ”Sonic Geography”, where he explored the region between place and culture, and between environment and imagination.

This body of work is presented in a series of four sections.  Each set is approached with a unique visual narrative in response to the personal and emotional experience that I had photographing these majestic forms.