Filmed on location @ the Salton Sea in Southern California.
Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and edited in Final Cut Pro 7 and ProTools 8.5.

Official Selection of:
OK Film Festival, USA, 2012

Choreographic Captures, Germany, 2012
MediaWave, Hungary, 2015

The theory of Mathematics and Choreography by Summer Jones:
As a dancer, I wanted to validate, mathematically, the notion that motion generates form: that dynamic was no mere bow to the shape of matter. I discovered when light crosses light, acceleration happens orthogonal to the plane defined by light, (amplified by the shortest distance connecting all mass in a system). I question the assumption light is dual. I suspect: small angles between light waves make small acceleration (experienced as photons) which decay "quickly" not having much power to attract or bend nearby light. Pulled along, they look like electricity. I suspect big angles make for big acceleration: if acceleration is sufficient to bend nearby light into orbit, it will. Light in orbit generates rhythm, is indicative of a black hole and looks like an electron. I find matter, not perception, (directed attention), the dependent variable in Einstein’s reason. MATH POEM To reverse who I am would be to arrive not at my beginning but at my end What I experience from before to after As from after to before would render me not only at my end but also at my beginning This is the story of how I came to be. Acceleration by distance leads from and to where light collides. It is where time begins and ends and when timeless moves without bound among bounds. Ad=c crossed with c. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. This is the story not unlike my own. It is the story of how I appear Said by others, those systems of measure perceiving in two directions, towards the present and out from it. Forever mistaking outward gaze for in. Seeing matter in one direction while theirs maps in the other. Affirming their matter inconsequential while assigning mass to matter that can but scatter...should they gaze. As how, when, where light moves determines the same for how I appear. Two by two, ten by twelve, light by light by what matters. This is energetic. Bounded by timely manner in this version or another by that which converts. This is how I happen. On the other hand, Light crossed with light generates acceleration amplified by the distance between what matters [here and now]. This is how two becomes 3, and then 4. This is how I am.
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