For the last three years I have been experimenting with an older full-spectrum DSLR and hacked the sensor to remove the IR filter built into its framework.  It took me some time to understand the nuances of infrared and its abilities on the landscape.  I am very interested in the impact of human intervention on global warming. As an artist and photographer I believe every voice counts.  I choose to take a position where scientific research is paramount and the visual occupies as documentary evidence.  I have attempted to use my camera as a way to talk about the landscape, our connection to environment, and the changes upon earth. 

Because of the volcanic nature of Iceland over one third is an official desert and considered Europe’s largest. Iceland in its present state is an extreme example of erosion and loss due to deforestation and overuse of lands. It is believed sheep brought to Iceland by the Vikings caused the erosion over many centuries, and with it the loss of soil. The presence of vegetation, grass, and moss is now minimal.