2019 D/EVOLUTION, Video Installation, Scuola Grande della Misericordia, curated by Zuecca Projects and PhotoPhore, Venice, Italy
2017-2018 Future Resonance, Zuecca Projects, Venice, Italy
2016  Art on the Marquee at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Curator George Fifield
2016  Sawthooth Gallery, Tasmanian International Video Art Festival, Tasmania, Australia
2016  PhotoPhore: Be Water, Microwave International New Media Festival, Hong Kong

In this video installation, I consciously experimented with graphical overlays to speak a language about the push and pull, phrasing and textures, song and choreography to glaciers which have calved. I felt compelled to manipulate the photographic positive, to deepen the experience of radioactive digression, the experience of a large scale icebergs moving slowly in the water, the beauty of its melting and tragedy of our global crisis. My intention with this project is to bypass the traditional documentary moving image and situate myself in the genre of experimental landscape. The freedom of “experimenting” through moving image allowed this video address a future without Greenland, and the arctic, as we know it.

The work is intended to loop, total length of loop is 3:17. Shot in 4k, can be seen in multiple formats.

Installation View: Sawtooth Gallery, Tasmania

Installation View: Sawtooth Gallery, Tasmania


Installation View: MiseriCordia, Venice, Italy.

Art on the Marquee with the Boston CyberArts@ Boston Convention Center
Fall 2016, installation mockup view

Video from Nasa Goodard

Arctic sea ice has not only been shrinking in surface area in recent years, it’s becoming younger and thinner as well. In this animation, where the ice cover almost looks gelatinous as it pulses through the seasons, cryospheric scientist Dr. Walt Meier of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center describes how the sea ice has undergone fundamental changes during the era of satellite measurements. Editor’s note: This visualization incorrectly identifies the oldest ice as being 5+ years old, when it would be more accurate to say 4+ years old.

An updated version of this visualization can be downloaded in HD here: http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/4510
Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Jefferson Beck
Read more: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/...